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A menacing fled down the street. In his arms was a toddler who was just snatched from a playground. But, not so fast - it was big sister to the rescue! The brave eight-year-old raced after the .

She wouldn't let him get away with her baby brother. Not far behind was her older brother, a 10-year-old boy in hot pursuit with the baby's stroller. Read: Meet The 8-Year-Old Sister Who Saved Her Baby Brother From

Image Credit: Youtube

Now the Wright siblings are being credited with doing the right thing by thwarting the of their little brother in Sprague, Washington.

Delicia and her big brother Brenden were playing in a park near their babysitter's house with their baby brother Owen, who is just 22-months-old. The grabbed little Owen and took off. A surveillance camera outside a grocery store captured the frightening figure running down the street. Delicia screamed and took chase, drawing the attention of some teens.

Image Credit: ABC

One teen told INSIDE EDITION: "It really turned into -curling screaming." Another added: "When you kind of pick up there's a girl running behind him, he's running down an alleyway with a kid - things don't look right." In a 911 call, a caller told the dispatcher: "A man grabbed a two-year-old baby child, and was running with it. The little kid started screaming." The eventually put Owen down in a vacant lot before escaping.

Image Credit: ABC

Kathleen Baty, the personal safety expert known as 'The Safety Chick,' says making a racket is exactly the thing to do in such an emergency.

Baty told INSIDE EDITION: "Using your voice. Using your words. Screaming, yelling, 'Help!' 'Stranger !' 'This is not my father!' Can be the real difference between life and ." She added: "Instilling your kids that when they are out in the public that if some adult comes up to them they need to have that gut reaction and go the other way and yell and scream as loud as they can."


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Tiffany Ynaffit

Sep 5, 2022

Thank God the siblings were paying attention and knew to make noise! Idiot babysitter would have the scare of her life when she was face to face with me

Margaret DePaula

Sep 5, 2022

I hope that this gives all those Free Range parents a reaon to reconsider. Also those idiots on FBI hope that this gives all those Free Range parents a reaon to reconsider. Also those idiots on FB who are constantly putting up posts about how when we were kids we played outside all day unsupervised till our mothers called us in to dinner, bla, blah, blah!! People were not stealing children back then to be sold on the sly like they are today. The baby business and the Sex trade business are both huge and lucrative today

Amanda Parker-Finch

Sep 5, 2022

Those kids are heros. Second this why free range parenting should not exist. In an instant something like this happens and if wasn't for the siblings and the teenagers it might have not ended up as well.

Nancy Hazlett

Sep 5, 2022 can a babysitter let a toddlerb be watched by to little kids...but thank God they did the right thing, ut seriously, time for a new babysitter.

Mari Zeleznik

Sep 5, 2022

Good for them! Otherwise the slimeball would have made that child disappear forever.

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