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In 1949, Genevieve Purinton was an 18-year-old unwed mother, delivering her precious little girl at a in Indiana. But because she was not married, staffers delivered a horrifically cruel blow: they told her that her daughter had at birth.

“I said I wanted to see the baby. They told me she ,” Purinton recalled. Her baby girl, however, was not , but alive, and taken to an orphanage, where she was adopted by a couple in California.

Image Credit: Connie Moultroup

Her daughter, Connie Moultroup, knew she was adopted, but had no idea of the tragic story behind her adoption.

“Her adoptive mother of , and shortly after, her adoptive father was diagnosed with a heart condition,” Bonnie Chase, Moultroup’s daughter, said in an interview with CNN. Chase explained that her adoptive father remarried, but her stepmother was . “So the whole time, she just wanted to find her actual mother to rescue her from that situation,” Chase added.

Image Credit: Connie Moultroup

Meanwhile, Purinton had no other children, but never forgot the baby girl she thought had at birth. Moultroup searched for years, but it wasn’t until Chase gave her an Ancestry DNA kit that she finally found her. “It took me a while to use it, but when I finally got the results I went from having only three known relatives (a daughter and two grandchildren), to 1,600 relatives. I was floored,” she said. She found a cousin, who revealed that Purinton was still alive, at 88 years old, and alone. “I told her my mother’s name was Genevieve Purinton, and my cousin said, “Oh, that’s my aunt. And she’s still alive, living on her own,” Moultroup recalled.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was going to meet my mother.”

Image Credit: Connie Moultroup

Moultroup sent Purinton a card with her contact information, and the women agreed to meet, at a retirement community in Tampa where Purinton lives.

“I met my mother and my cousin in person, and we cried. It was just a crying fest,” Moultroup said. “Not everybody has this kind of outcome when looking for their parents, but I recommend you give it a try, you don’t know what will happen.” When they met, Purinton and Moultroup both cried as they hugged each other, as Purinton exclaimed, “You’re really not !”

Image Credit: Connie Moultroup

“I’m not ,” Moultroup answered. “It’s been a lifetime of wanting this,” Moultroup said through tears. “I remember being five years old and wishing that I could find my mother.” Now, almost 70 years later, mother and daughter are finally together again, with a family to love despite all the lost time.


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Feb 1, 2024

Ephraim c Simwinga

Sep 14, 2022

To God be the glory

Diane Guinn

Sep 13, 2022

A similar situation happened in my family, but their reunion was only 38 years apart, and it wasn't hospitalA similar situation happened in my family, but their reunion was only 38 years apart, and it wasn't hospital personnel but her mother! Sad for all involved, yet it was at a time where being an unwed mother was frowned upon! Such cruelty to both mother and child!! I'm very happy for them to be reunited! -

Claudette Jones

Sep 13, 2022

What a beautiful Reunion , May they enjoy todays visit and a joyful eternity after such a cruel , evil trick on the mother at her daughters birth !

Esmeralda Chavez

Sep 13, 2022

The daughter is her moms twin! I can’t imagine the pain of thinking you lost a child, and the joy to hear that they are alive and looking for you. God bless them both

Mary Rawlings

Sep 13, 2022

I’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating I couldn’t imagine going through that! So glad they were able to reunite. May God bless them with many more years together!

Emily Bradley Greiner

Sep 13, 2022

What a cruel thing to do to a young mother. All those years wasted and thinking her baby died. May God bless them with many happy years ahead.

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