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Child loss can lead to a myriad of unsettling emotions and acute grief. Nothing is more distressing for a parent than seeing their kids suffer, be it expected or unforeseen.

Often, parents might feel that their children are supposed to outlive them, and sadly, that isn't always the case. Many distraught families find themselves their child's unfulfilled dreams, hopes, and wishes. The parents in today's story experienced a similar situation when an unthinkable incident ambushed their lives, leaving their hearts forever shattered.

Josette and Aron Rofer lived with their family in Orange County, California. In July 2022, the couple celebrated an important milestone in their life — 21 years of experiences, 15 years of togetherness, and a lifetime of love. In addition to being happily married, the Rofers were also doting parents to Bradley and Connor Rofer, who started their third and second grades on August 16. Life was beautiful for the family of four, and they looked forward to making every second count.

Endless Love

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Josette and Aron loved their boys immensely and never missed a chance to smother them with tender love and care.

The doting parents often took their sons on exciting adventures and trips, like fishing, camping, or simply having fun at the beach. The Rofer family hoped to spend many more delightful and worthwhile moments with their boys. Little did they know that a nerve-wracking occurrence would deprive them of their heartfelt desire.

A Bright Youngster

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On the morning of Thursday, September 1, young Bradley woke up with a bright smile on his face, thrilled for the day ahead. It was the day when he would ride his bike to school for the first time after having learned proper bike safety rules. Bradley couldn't contain his excitement as he got dressed and reached for his helmet. He was prepared to get started and knew his family and friends would be watching and supporting him. The entire neighborhood was actually used to being awestruck by the youngster. At age six, he started a successful flower business, Bradley's Beautiful Bouquets, and used it to raise funds for kids with . The bright youngster had also finished reading a 300-page plus Harry Potter book by the age of seven.

An Unspeakable Tragedy

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When the clock 7:25 a.m.

on Thursday, Bradley's mom, Josette, said she and the whole family watched him take his bike through the crosswalk on Coto de Caza Drive. Josette said she was looking at her son from her car when a pickup truck took a left turn off Oso Parkway onto Coto de Caza and Bradley. It was a scene that no parent would ever want to witness — a scene that crushed the Rofers and turned their world topsy-turvy. According to the California Highway Patrol, the vehicle involved in the was a white Ford F-150. Meanwhile, young Bradley was severely and taken to the , where his family said he was placed on life support.

In a post, Josette confirmed that her magnificent boy was taken off life support on Saturday, September 3.

"Our beloved son Bradley will soon be in heaven. We are and ," wrote the distraught mother. Josette described her son as a highly loving, caring, empathetic, and lively boy who always radiated pure warmth. She said young Bradley was a perfect son and brother who enriched his loved ones' life with everlasting positivity and joy. She further expressed:

Wise beyond Years

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Per the Rofer family, their sweet Bradley was wise beyond years and truly one-of-a-kind. He was a pianist and baseball player, loved by his teachers and class-fellows at Wagon Elementary School. Josette added: When asked how she would like people to remember her boy, Rosette replied, "Write how beautiful and shiny and amazing he was." She also shared that her beloved son's kind and loving spirit would live on through others because the Rofers had decided to donate his organs.

Gone Too Soon

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A GoFundMe account was created by late Bradley's aunt, Andrea Maldonado, to help cover the costs and support the Rofers in their crucial time. As of September 5, 2022, over $59,000 have been raised of the $60,000 goal. Josette, Aron, and the Rofer family continue to be crippled by their lovely boy's irreparable loss. Friends and community members who knew Bradley also shared their heartfelt with the family. One of the neighbors, Zakia Radwan, described Bradley as a kind and benevolent boy.

Coping with Grief

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Nobody knows how long it would take the Rofers to heal from their heart-wrenching tragedy. But one thing is clear — nothing would ever be the same for them. That's because losing a child can lead to acute grief and trauma, which can take a long time to subside and become integrated.

While the pain never goes away, people might learn to live with it over time. Even though grief and trauma are inevitable, there's always an option to reach out to your loved ones for support. If the situation is grave, it's best to seek professional advice.

Losing a sibling can be tremendously hard for surviving children as well, and their grief can easily be overlooked. In such cases, it's best to make grief a shared family experience and indulge in activities that honor the late child. We send our deepest to the Rofers in this difficult time. Rest in eternal peace, young boy.


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Recent Comments

Jodi Fish

Sep 10, 2022

🙏 🙏 RIP as you live on in others! Condolences to your family & friends.


Sep 9, 2022

I love you, GOD ALMIGHTY Love's you more my darling, May your soul Rest In CHRIST JESUS HANDS, GOD ALMIGHTY KNOWS The Best 🙏🏾❤️

Godson UGO.

Sep 9, 2022

Just saw your post. May the God of all Comfort comfort you and keep.May grace and goodness strengthen and preserve you.


Sep 8, 2022

My prayers go put to the Rofer family I hope that they are doing well and God blesses and keeps the family safe 🙏 ❤ 🙌


Sep 8, 2022

I'm so sorry for your loss it's divistating to lose someone you love especially your child God bless you and family prayers for you and family.

Maria Griffiths

Sep 8, 2022

God bless the family. I did not know Bradley but I can see in his smile He was a very special boy,loving and caring. Bradley will always watch over family. Prayers and healing wishes to the family.

Betty Stitely

Sep 8, 2022

This is so sad. I can't even imagine what you are going through. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family

Janice Higbee

Sep 8, 2022

How awful! I can't imagine what you're going through. May you find comfort in the fact that he's a hero for saving other through his organ donation. Praying for his family.

Alicia Corretjer

Sep 8, 2022

It’s never easy when a Loved one passes away. But when it’s a child that’s what hurts the most. I don’t know what they are going though. God will be there for them and Bradley will be watching over them. God Bless the family.

Barbara Landers

Sep 8, 2022

I am deeply sadden of the passing of your little boy. So sorry for your loss. Also I am very grateful that you decided to donate his organs. My niece donated her organs and saved so many lives. It's a beautiful thing to help others.

Susan Lucas

Sep 8, 2022

Oh my Heart aches for his family. They are turning the worst day of their lives into the best day for other families lives though. Thank you for by passing your pain and making Bradley into a true Hero to so many. May you take solice in knowing that he lives on in others. RIP SMALL HERO may you shine bright in your glory.

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