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I cannot imagine losing my young one. Just the though of it makes me scared to … When a woman named Saundra lost her two-year-old daughter her world crumbled down like a house of cards.

Little Faviola was her little happy star who she loved most in the world. Unfortunately, she went in the afterlife one day when she left her under the care of her mother’s boyfriend. The poor mother never ever imagined that something terrifying might happen. Like every parent, she always dreamed that her young one will grow up one day to a beautiful woman and have a family of her own. Sadly, that didn’t happen…

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No children should pass away before their parents. It’s such a hard burden to bear… With so much things children can do and be, it’s nothing short of a tragedy to lose a young child. It’s a grief for the parents that never fades away. A scar on the heart that stays forever and they have to learn to live with it… Faviola was at the Mosanic in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and her mother decorated her grave with the toys Faviola loved playing the most. Short after, people complained that someone is vandalizing the cemeteries. When one family set up a camera on a boy’s gravestone, who sadly away, they were shocked by what they saw on the footage…

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They thought they were hallucinating, they couldn’t believe their eyes, but the footage clearly showed the young spirit that looks like Faviola playing with the toys placed on her gravestone.

Authorities first thought a child has wandered off, but there was no report of a child missing. They decided to share the footage with Saundra. She got chills all over her spine watching it… “[The boy’s mother] told us that she had something really beautiful to show us that they had captured on their video camera,” Saundra said. “So then she pulled out her phone and she showed it to me, and as soon as she showed me the picture I started crying.”

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Saundra was 100% sure he was looking at her little Faviola, there was no doubt about it. “I know that is my daughter,” she said. Faviola’s mother, Saundra, believes her daughter had an unfinished business to help the boy whose mom took the footage go to Heaven. They were very little when they away and they had to team up with their spirits to guide themselves to heaven. “They both have such a tragic story of things that happened to them and… both of them still haven’t gotten justice. So, I think she was definitely there to comfort him and take him to heaven.”

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She felt the urge to share a story together with her daughter and remind herself that her baby’s spirit is still there. “It’s taken a lot for me to share this with everyone because for one my situation with my daughter is already sensitive for me and secondly everyone has their own beliefs but all I can do if share mine with everyone….” Speaking of the footage and the other boy’s family she added: “I know it was not only a sign from my daughter but also fate for us all to meet.”


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Rudy flores

Sep 2, 2022

Good possibility, my son experienced something like this. I visited my mother's gravesite one clear afternoon and while I was praying over my mother's grave my son was walking around the Cemetery he approached a grave of a young 5 year girl who heard weeping coming from the young girl's grave then he heard the voice saying no one visits her. My son came running to were I was and told me.


Sep 2, 2022

I absolutely believe in ghosts because I saw one when I was a little girl. Now as an adult I've heard a ghost, too - when I was a school cleaner a few years ago. I was in one of the school buildings alone and following safety protocol by having the doors locked while I was inside alone. I had finished vacuuming and walked the vacuum power cord down the length of the hallway to straighten it before winding it up. I was walking down the hallway to wind up the cord when I heard crystal-clear footsteps about 3 metres behind me. I was so convinced someone was behind me that I turned around - and saw nobody there. I checked each of the 3 classrooms and found nobody there, either. It didn't feel like an evil spirit - I felt no malevolence from it. I thought perhaps it could have been my Father who had passed away checking on me. But the school was over 100 years old so it could have been a deceased teacher or student, too. So yes, I do believe in ghosts and spirits.

Vanya Sams

Sep 2, 2022

A couple of years before my mother pass away she told me I didn't bring a man home when you were growing up because I was thinking of you. She found my stepdad after I had my first daughter and I had already moved out. She was always a loving and caring mother.

Jhay Chylla

Sep 2, 2022

What an absolutely beautiful angel she was and still is. I send my heartfelt condolences to her mom and other loved ones. Of course, I'll never forget this story and that's why I will continue my prayers for you and your angel. My prayer is also for the one who assaulted and took her life to be dealt with, if not by man, by the Creator. Honesty I was completely stunned by that footage of a little girl, in a cemetery, of ALL places...,,apparently unafraid. I kind of wish closer analysis could be done and reported on what we saw. It's simply incredible.

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