Chris Brown S-ued For $20 Million By Woman Who Al-leges He R-ped Her On A Yacht Parked At Diddy’s Florida Home – Video

Roommates, According to TMZ, Chris Brown is ac-cused of r-ping a woman on Dec. The woman who is a singer claims Chris grabbed the phone of a friend she was FaceTiming and urged her to come to Diddy’s home on Miami’s Star Island, to which she agreed. Upon arrival, she claims Chris approached her and asked her if she wanted a drink, then motioning her toward the kitchen area on the yacht.

Court documents state the woman entered the kitchen with Chris, drinking a mixed drink he gave her while engaging in conversation. However, after a second drink, the woman began to feel a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness. The la-wsuit continues stating the woman felt disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep, and that’s when she claims Chris led her into a be-droom.

In addition, the woman claims she was d-rugged and half-asleep while Chris closed the door, not allowing her to leave. Reports show the singer removed her bo-ttoms and started kissing her. Although she mumbled for Chris to stop, he reportedly persisted.

Following the as- sault, the woman claims Chris ejaculated inside her, jumped up, and announced he was done.

The day after the incident, Chris demanded her via text to take a Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill. Even though she was distraught, she did as she was instructed. Chris wasn’t formally charged in this incident because no po-lice report was filed. Her attorneys, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck explained that their client was a medical student during the as-sault and was embarrassed.

The woman is s-uing for the large lump sum for severe emotional distress. Her legal team says they’re committed to sufferers being heard and would urge anyone with information to contact them. Roomies, what do you think of these claims against Chris?


Ashley 1st trey songz now chris brown, nah ya tryna violate so bad. Them politicians ain’t get thrown under the bus for playing with them girls at epstein house, nobody got names on those people? Why ya try to slander my people or even put them threw that embarrassment?

WallaceDiddy should distance himself from Chris Brown and stop allowing him full use and access of his property. This behavior will take him down, too. Brown seems to keep pushing offender and legal penalties on himself. It’s more a matter of when, not if it will happen.

Mercurial If this happened to me I would report it right away Sad to see so many people in the comments defending Chris. You can’t just decide he’s innocent…what if he actually did this?

Evette Here we go again. I feel sorry for Chris Brown. His only a human being just like the rest of us.

JordanEvery time Chris Brown drops an album a woman comes out and said he did something to her… these only is happening because Chris Brown owns his Master’s in the industry will not get a penny off of his music because it’s going straight to his bank account.

Mckenzie Sad to say that even if this story is true, there will still be many women going out with him, hoping that he can launch their career.


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