Muslim Driver Leaves Couple Stranded, They’re Claiming ‘Discrimination’

A Muslim Uber driver refused to drive an elderly couple home from their local RSL because they were carrying a Christmas ham they had just won. Marion Archibald, 66, and her husband Peter, 76, booked an Uber to take them home after winning a ham in a raffle at the Seaford RSL, in Melbourne’s south, on Tuesday night.

But when the driver arrived and saw the couple was holding the large ham, he refused to take them home due to his religious beliefs.

Despite not being taken home by the Uber driver, Mr and Mrs Archibold were still charged their $10 fare. ‘(The driver said) Oh no, what’s that … he said he was Muslim. He said we couldn’t get in … I thought he was kidding,’ Mrs Archibold told The Leader. The grandparents were left at the RSL at around 10pm, before a committee member offered to drive them home.

‘He shouldn’t have left us there … he could have at least called someone else for us,’ she said. ‘There will be plenty of people carrying hams in Uber rides this Christmas.

We’ve all got different beliefs but this is ridiculous.’ Mrs Archibald said her complaints to Uber customer service were ignored, and she still hasn’t been refunded the cost of the fare. The couple said the experience left a bad taste in their mouths, and won’t be using Uber in the future An Uber spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the charge that the customers had was a cancellation fee, the fee had since been refunded.


Kane The UnsettledI know it’s probably very expensive but Uber should give all riders a camera. Or at least strongly encouraged all drivers to invest in one

Tom WernerThe Driver has the right to refuse service to an uncooperative customer. It’s a ride share. Driver’s car. Driver’s gas. Driver’s discretion as to when to accept or stop a ride. We didn’t see the 10 or 15 minutes leading up to this, but chances are the driver started out as congenial as possible. As for permanently banning the rider, all that means is that he’ll have a friend run uber or lyft or whatever on his account. Banning a passenger means nothing.

M DIm so glad he had something to defend himself with because i feel like he wouldn’t of stopped plus if thats me and he says get out im out why hurt him for trying to be respectful and being polite


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