Man Fired From Job Keeps Turning Up And Getting Paid For Four More Years

Ronald Berry, 47, claims he didn’t know he had been dismiss six years ago, insisting he has been on sick leave since 2015 for high BP and asthma. As such, the cleaner travelled to a city Transit office every two weeks to pick up his earnings, and up until now had been able to do so without any problems.

However, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently realised something was up and notified the authorities, resulting in Berry’s subsequent detain for trespassing when he arrived to collect his paycheck on Thursday.

When he asked his boss how he was still getting paid if he’d been terminated in 2013 as claimed, they allegedly told him: ‘That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem.’ It’s not known how Berry ended up back on the payroll in 2015, two years after he was let go from the company. Berry was even more confused by the predicament he found himself in because he claims the agency have been sending him letters in recent months, telling him he needs training.

Sources from the MTA said the agency now uses biometric fingerprint technology for ‘clocking in and clocking out’, which they suggested would have put a stop to Berry’s claims sooner.

The paychecks Berry collected were also found to note ‘hours worked’ without any mention of disability, according to MTA sources – suggesting he would not have been able to mistake them for sick pay.

The New York Po-lice Department (NYPD) confirmed Berry was charged with offender trespassing after ‘being observed inside an employee-only NYC transit facility’. The MTA is also investigating, with spokesperson Tim Minton saying ‘anyone who inappropriately took public money will be held accountable to the full extent of the law’.


Bernie BaughmanWell he wasnt working just coming for checks so he had to know. With that being said if this man legit has letters about getting trained they mailed him I say it’s all on them.

Esan SangelesThe first I heard ! Not his fault .He turn up and they still give them something to do and he got paid.

Junior ReddyThe guy is clearly in the right.

If he was really terminated he would know and so would his direct supervisor. As far as I can read he was in disability and got paid. He was probably happy disability paid on time!!

Lora MaierSounds like HR screwed up. If he wasn’t supposed to get the pay checks then they should have done the process to stop them when he was terminated. I am not sure if he was told about the termination or not but you call them and talk to them have them sign a termination notice for it to be official. Sounds like that didnt happen and now the company should eat it.

John SkeltonI know a guy who did this at Walmart! He quit but they never deactivated his sign in card so every day he would go clock in and then leave and then come clock out. He did it for like 6 months and then one day he stopped and someone called him and asked if he was coming in and he was like “um, I haven’t worked their for 6 months!”


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