Jamie Foxx, Shaq Surprise Utah 5-Year-Old Days After Viral Joyride – Video

The 5-year-old boy, whose joyride went viral, won’t have to dream about driving a Lambo … a celeb car broker made his dream a reality, with an assist from Jamie Foxx and Shaq. ICYMI … Adrian Zamarripa was pulled over by Utah Highway Patrol last week after he was spotted driving 32 MPH down Interstate 15 in the family’s SUV.

The trooper wanted to know where he was headed. Adrian — who barely made it 3 miles from home — told the trooper he was headed to L.A. to buy a Lamborghini … with the $3 from his piggy bank.

The story spread like wildfire, and one of the many who heard about it was celeb car broker RD Whittington, who owns the luxury brand, Wires Only. We’re told RD flew Adrian and his family out to L.A. just days after the infamous traffic stop, and hooked him up BIG TIME. We’re told RD took the fam out to Malibu where they visited a luxury car dealership. The best part … Adrian got in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari, a Hummer and other fancy rides. His face lit up when he got to rev the Ferrari’s engine … but nothing like when he saw Shaq and Lil Pump show up via FaceTime and, it didn’t end there.

Adrian got in the passenger’s seat and RD got behind the wheel as they cruised down PCH. And, again, it didn’t end there. RD and Adrian eventually pulled into Jamie’s crib in the hills. They cracked a few jokes … but it wasn’t all fun games. As you might have figured … Adrian got in a lot of trouble after his joyride. His mother reportedly said he’s being punished, and fortunately for the parents, the Weber County District Attorney said they will NOT face charges because there was no evidence of neglect.

But, that didn’t stop RD from giving Adrian a much-needed pep talk … telling the kid he needed to stay in school and listen to his mom. A win-win all around, honestly.



Jennifer EverlyHe’s FIVE!!!! For goodness sake leave him alone and let him have this joy. Half of you speaking have probably birthed Satans spawns & never get invited anywhere bc people can’t stand your kids. Look at his precious face I think he’s adorable

Nicole BakerYes.. let’s reward him for being a little sh&@!! Great plan people.. There is nothing cute about this!!! He endangered not only his life, but also the people on the road around him as well… He should be punished not rewarded!!!

Jackie Parfitt BaptistaWhy are we celebrating this kid?! There are plenty of kids actually doing amazing things – excelling in sports, using their birthday money to donate to animal shelters, paying off school lunch debt for their classmates, and the list goes on. Celebrate THEM!!

Cheryl L. OusleySo he took the car for a joyride, could’ve hurt himself and others and instead of real punishment, he gets flown out to LA to ride in a fancy car, meet celebrities and a hear an after school/Full House lecture about staying in school? And no one is being charged (looking at the parents)? SMH

Source: tmz.com

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