Delivery Men Save Suicidal Man From Jumping Off Bridge With Beer – Video

Kwame Anderson and Jason Gabel had just delivered some beer to the Mounds Park Sports Tavern in St. Paul when they noticed a man hanging onto the outside of the fence on the Earl Street Bridge around the corner. Once they realized the man was su-icidal, they decided to call po-lice and tried to talk him of the ledge.

“So I thought about Denzel Washington when he’s acting as a cop in movies and I thought about ‘The Insider’ and he’s a negotiator,” Anderson said. “So I was like ,oh well gotta keep this guy entertained somehow because if I wait for po-lice things could be over.”

Anderson asked the man if he wanted to have a drink with him, and used the 12-pack of b-ooze to lure the man to safety. “I was extremely relieved. I didn’t come out today planning to save anybody or do anything drastic but I knew that when I saw him standing here.

I wasn’t going to leave until he came off,” he said.

Po-lice are praising the pair for being Good Samaritans Anderson, who’s also a comedian, is just glad they’re all able to have a last laugh. SAYS HE’S GLAD THEY’RE ALL ABLE TO HAVE THE LAST LAUGH. “I told him if he needs a laugh, invite him out to one of my comedy shows,” he said. “So we’re there, I’ll make sure he gets a beer and has he’ll have a good night.”


Eric At least is standards we’re low and not a beer snob. Good job guys!

Lourde Such a selfless act ! Kings ! Praying for the man that he knows he is loved..

even by strangers

Ephanie And here come my tears. Stand up young men who are being raised right. I hope they know the significance and the impact they had on this young mans life and his loved ones. I’m so glad you had them come Mr Harvey! They truly are hero’s.


Marvin Sometimes people have no idea what some folks are going through or have been through. These young gentlemen are on their way to Greatness and such instruments of influence. Mr. Harvey, what can I say about you. You honor and pour into people for their humanitarian unselfishness. Thank You.

Raymond Great story, glad to see that these nice kids could help out a person in need. Something that they’ll never forget !


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