Children End School Bus Hijacking By Asking Lots Of Questions – Video

Children in the US helped to end a school bus hij-cking by ‘asking lots of questions’. Watch footage from the take over here: An army trainee boarded the bus in South Carolina on Thursday (6 May), before pointing a rifle at the driver and ordering him to drive to the next town. He also ordered all 18 pupils on board the bus to the front – though this proved to be a mistake.

Speaking at a press conference, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the children started ‘frustrating’ the g-nman by overwhelming him with questions.

“The kids were asking questions. ‘Are you gonna hurt us?’ ‘Are you a soldier?’ ‘Are you a bus driver?’ So they were being kids, they were being kids,” Lott said. “I think that added to the frustration that he had.” Six minutes later, the gu-n man let everybody off the bus, before driving a short distance and exiting the bus himself. Lott added: “There was six minutes, six minutes, they were traumatised. Six complete minutes that the bad guy was on the bus with a roscoe.”

The suspect has been named as 23-year-old Fort Jackson military trainee Jovan Collazo, from New Jersey.

He has been charged with 19 counts of take over, as well as a number of other charges, including car jacking and theft. Lott praised the bus driver for how he handled the situation. He said: “I’ll give the bus driver credit. He kept his cool. He didn’t overreact. He didn’t get excited. He kept his cool enough that kept the situation calm. “And I will tell you his main concern was the safety of those kids.”

Brigadier General Milford Beagle Jr, the Fort Jackson base commander, said he believed the suspect was overcome with homesickness, prompting him to scale a tall fence and flee through a wood before he hijacked the bus. According to NBC News, he said: “As he left the bus, one thing he was trying to do… was trying to acquire new clothes and a ride, which we assume would have been to a bus station, the airport, train station in order to make it home.

“There is nothing that leads us to believe – through his counselling, through anything in his screening records coming in – that this had anything to do with harming others, harming himself.” Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the incident.



Armida DeAlvaradoYeah, there is no army training tough enough to teach you how to handle the continuining “but why” of a bunch of kids!!!

Matty Morford –  I drive a school bus. Yeah, this is 100% how it would go down. There’s no military training that can prepare you this. Kids are absolutely relentless and if you don’t know how to deflect that, good luck.

Stef BeeWow this title couldn’t be any more bunk. They only asked is if he was a soldier and if he was gonna hurt them or the bus driver.

The guy just let the all off later. My toddler asks more than 3 questions in 5 seconds.

RenitaI kinda feel sorry for him, but he’s hijacking so he deserved that annoyance.

Andy KarThis indeed it’s one of the best stories I’ve read in a while, I knew that my kids have a superpower

Khoi NguyenGiven the choices we’re between being beasted in a military training centre and being grilled by 18 overly inquisitive kids, I think he made the safer, right decision in the end.


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