Someone Called A Teenage Girl ‘Fat.’ Her Boyfriend’s Epic Reply Shut The Troll Up With Best Response – Video

Madison and her boyfriend Tre Booker is a young adorable couple who have gone viral on social media after posting some pictures of them together. The couple attended their prom party a few days earlier. Like all young couples, they also took some pictures prior to the party. Madison shared those pictures on twitter to express her happiness.

Unfortunately, she received a distressing and unpleasant comment on her photos. A Twitter user commented, “wow he loves you even though you’re fat”.

Madison retweeted that comment with a simple yet powerful reply. She wrote, “don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know”. It was clearly evident that Madison was feeling sad due to this heart-bre-aking comment. She had been fat-shamed on a social media platform in front of everyone by a stranger.

It was when her boyfriend, Tre Booker, came with the perfect reply to the comment. Tre said the sweetest thing ever, “You are not fat, baby.

God made you just for me. You’re perfect”.

Since then the couple has gone viral on various social media platforms and a plenty of people have posted their views to support this beautiful couple. People said that this was what true love looks like. A lot of people have admired and adored them. Many people told Madison that she is not only a beautiful girl but also the luckiest girl in the world to have such loving boyfriend.

Madison’s boyfriend made her feel special and did not let her down. After that reply, Tre tweeted about his feelings towards her. He told her how valuable she is to him and how much he loves her. Madison also shared his feelings towards him showing people how strong their bond was. She considers herself blessed to be with such a loving boyfriend.



Samantha LinchI hate it when I merely mention the fact that I’m fat (in a non self degrading, but factual manner) and my friends rush me saying “no you’re not!” The world makes the word “fat” synonymous with “bad”. It’s awful. This girl is fat. This girl is gorgeous. She is rocking that dress and they are an adorable couple because they exude happiness. To everyone spouting off “fat is unhealthy tho”… be aware that there are millions of thin people that have lifestyle habits that make them unhealthy also. Quit trying to redefine a word but the way you use it.

Barbara Meier Robinson – As a woman, the very first thing I noticed was how well she wore her dress. She knows her size and how to accentuate her c-ves and she looks fabulous in pink. This young lady is well aware she carries weight, but she has the confidence in herself to BE herself. And to me that’s her true beauty.

Marie Close Worrick – People who are extremely insecure with themselves love pointing out flaws in others. It makes them feel better. I’m glad her boyfriend stood up for her and shut that girl down.

Nancy Price Koudelka – When a man has self-confidence and is truly a man, he doesn’t care what other people think. I think most men would rather hug a soft, warm woman who is happy with her self, than a bag of bones who is always trying to lose weight and is always unhappy with her self. My husband is a real man who makes me happy no matter how I look or what I weigh. This couple is terrific, the young woman is beautiful. They both radiate goodness from within.


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