Mary J. Blige’s Step-Daughter Slams Her Father For Prioritizing “Pu**ies & Paper” And Exposes Facts About Ex-Stepmom Mary J. & Bur-ning Her Apartment Down. – Video

Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband Kendu Isaacs recently caught the ire of his own flesh and bl-ood in a recently-deleted Instagram post. According to a screen grab uploaded by The Shade Room, Isaacs’ daughter Briana let her father have it, calling him out for not putting his family first, and also dubbing him a “b-um” and a “f–k n***a.”

“Legit only have 3 pictures of us together,” she wrote. “I honestly made EVERY excuse for you. Every single one….But the reality is….YOU’RE garbage. Raven told me to stop f–king with you, my mom said it, just about every friend I ever had…Because dealing with you in any capacity leaves me br-oken. You put p***ies and paper before your own f–king child! But invite me around for appearances and sh-t, right? Lol. Ur a b-um!”

“I had tell the world you were being a f–k n–a for you to help me when I needed it! And I DON’T ASK YOU FOR SH-T! B-um… I hope that when you sleep tonight… And every night….

Your dreams are as F–KING PAINFUL, disturbing (sic), LONELY AND F–KING AWFUL as every minute I spent in the world without you. F-k you, dirt bag.”

In June of this year, Ms, Mary J. and Isaacs’ di-vorce became official after a messy legal battle and court drama. In Sept, Blige discussed the di-vorce with Variety, where she alluded to him being “con artist” who was obsessed with her fortune. “When you come out of something like that, you realize you were never the one,” she said. “There was someone else that was his queen. I got played. I got s-u-ckered.”


Andrea Her story is sad…it’s clear she is self medicating and needs so much therapy but I couldn’t hang with her negativity is sure to follow

Adrian This girl has been through a lot i pray God touch her life and turn it around for her good

Christina I love how she is so respectful towards Mary, she had nothing bad to say about her whatsoever. Love it.

Don Sloan You can still hear the hurt in her voice, and the smiles and laughter are covering up that hurt. Brianna is very intelligent, and I hope and pray that she works on herself and gets to a better place in life.

Breshia – I understand her so much more after today smh especially after finding out she’s a Leo as well. We are the kind of people that you Love or Hate lol there’s no in between. We have strong personalities that most people love to be around, but there are some people who simply can’t handle how we move !!! I always liked Bring anyway, but this definitely confirms why I like her.


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