Anti-masker Gets A Fist To The Face After Thre-atening Hostess, Shoving Customer – Video

Footage showing an apparent anti-masker getting punched in the face has been viewed almost two million times after being shared across the internet.

The sight of people wearing face masks is a common one across the globe nowadays, whether out of personal preference or in line with the law. Mask mandates are common in various places across the US, with several states requiring people to wear masks in indoor public places whether they are vaccinated or not, while other establishments and businesses request customers wear masks even if it is not required by law.

It’s unclear where the restaurant in this particular viral video was located, but it seems there was some sort of mask mandate in place as it prompted the man who was not wearing a mask to lash out at staff, telling one person to ‘go f-ck yourself.’ The clip begins in the midst of the altercation, but it’s likely the man was told something to the effect of he could not enter the restaurant without a mask.

Pointing his finger at one of the workers, he said: ‘You want to see what happens when you discriminate? We’re gonna f-ck your restaurant up’. He initially appeared as if he was going to leave the restaurant, but then turned back to address another customer who had stood to support the staff. He began challenging the man and pushed him back, after which a number of other people in the restaurant got involved in the altercation.

As two people jumped up to talk to the man, a third made his way over and punched him hard in the face, causing him to stumble backwards and fall to the ground. The customer then followed the man over to the door, flanked by two other bystanders who made sure the maskless man left.

The video quickly gained attention after being shared online, with most people siding with the customers and restaurant staff.


Mac WOW How quickly that guy backed down when he wasn’t intimidating a woman. Thank you guys for stepping up!

Logan Franklin The guy that punched him is the definition of someone that has had enough

Thomas Smith Somehow the slow-mo rerun of the punch was even more satisfying especially with the details and goes to show that Karens of all types should stop writing checks they can’t cash.

Russell Hey he pushed a older guy that was telling hi, hey man enough. He got what he was asking for. Coldcocked!

Jagi Frisbee That painful moment when you realize that you’re not as important as your Mommy always said you were.

Howie I’m perfectly fine with people getting put in their place. It was a swift bink, the man had momentum and God on his side.


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