Student Br-eaks Down After Parents Failed To Attend His Graduation From Elementary To College

Graduating from college is a time to celebrate with family and friends. You should be shedding tears of joy because you’ve completed a journey and finally earned your degree. Unfortunately, some tears are shed due to sadness not joy. Jeric Rivas is a recent college graduate who describes the occasion as “mixed sadness and fun.” He received his diploma, from La Concepcion College in San Jose Del Monte, Philippines, with his classmates all around him.

The problem was his family wasn’t going to be there.

He shared his experience on social media. His family not showing up is a pattern that’s been going on since he was a kid. Jeric remembered being in elementary school. He had won an award and a family member was supposed to present the medal to him on stage. None of his family showed up. So, he didn’t get to accept his medal on stage as the other kids did. He won another award soon after. That time, he asked one of his friends’ parents to step in.

It gave him the recognition he deserved for the hard work he did.

It was both rewarding and sad. Jeric has remained positive and focused on his education, despite the fact that he doesn’t get any support from his family. To afford college, he moved away from home and started working. His hard work and diligence paid off. He just got his degree in criminology at La Concepcion College. Graduation day arrived. This is a day he should be excited about. But, he was crying because his family, once again, wasn’t going to be there to support him. He sat down on the side of the room and cried. He was feeling jealousy at his classmates who were surrounded by family members.

As each classmate walked on stage, Jeric worried he would have to make that journey alone once more. However, as he went up on stage, one of his professors came to his side. They hugged and Jeric had someone at his side while he got his diploma. On social media, he thanked everyone who had given him support and help throughout his school years. He actually included his family. Support is crucial for success. Even though Jeric’s family didn’t give him the support he deserved, his school provided him with the support he needed.


Felipe SFCongratulations . Keep up the great work. If possible, i would recomend some psychological help, this way you can learn to navigate this issue with your parent. Wish you the best!

Susan Marie BrowerSo sorry you have no one physical there but we are here for you. Congrats to you on your achievements young man, be very proud of your accomplishments!

Emily Chantry WolfeCongratulations Jeric! I am very proud of you! I know that all your very hard work, determination and drive will take you far! Please know that you are loved and God is watching over you!!

Jegs Family-PhotoCongrats and God bless u. If u had no parents.. Just come to Jesus Christ our Savior, ur friend, reach him out by prayer and accept Him as Lord in your life.. He will never reject u.


JayMerz Montes MenesBe strong and continue to inspire others through your story. You are blessed by having a courageous spirit. God be your guide in your milestone. Keep moving forward.


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