Bride Has Her Bridesmaids Sport Stunning Natural Afros, And Goes Viral

A bride and her bridesmaids are taking over the internet with their stunningly natural bridal looks in a set of wedding photos being shared online. Nakyia Whitty, 27, and Javonte Davis, 26, of Houston, Texas, were recently wed in a beautiful beach ceremony surrounded by their friends and family after four years together. After the wedding, blushing bride Nakyia started sharing photos from the event on her Instagram page, where they swiftly went viral – all because of the ladies’ choice of hairstyle.

Standing on the beach with their long dresses being whipped by the wind, Nakyia and her six bridesmaids are pictured in the images all sporting voluminous and free natural hair. The photos include several of the ladies on the beach with the bridesmaids in flowing cream gowns as well as one with the ladies holding up the groom and more of the bride getting ready before standing at the altar.

In the captions for the images, Nakyia was sure to include the hashtag #Natural to put emphasis on her chosen style for herself and her ladies.

She also explained how she ‘had a vision for my wedding’. She added: ‘In the end I have to say everything exceeded what I could’ve imagined, and my expectations were pretty high might I add, I mean it is a special moment for us! ‘Ultimately, I’m elated to have married my best friend with our family and friends surrounding us in the most beautiful way we could…. Our way.’

But the couple could not have had any idea that her photos would be shared by hundreds in days and gain thousands of likes on Nakyia’s account.

One image, showing the ladies lined up on the beach with the radiant Nakyia looking over her shoulder at the camera, has been liked nearly 5,000 times. They have also received heaps of praise from social media users, with one writing: ‘You have inspired me to wear my natural hair out.

That’s beautiful!’ The bride herself told BuzzFeed that she began wearing her hair natural four years ago and long planned to have her whole wedding party do the same – even before she and her now-husband were engaged. In fact, her husband was all sorts of help to Nakyia on her natural hair journey, going through research online with her to create the perfect look.

‘We learned my hair together,’ she told BuzzFeed. ‘Blessed to have that type of support.

I don’t know how many YouTube tutorials a man can take, exactly, but he definitely exceeded maximum capacity.’ She added: ‘Wearing my natural hair signifies who I am as a black woman, who God created me to be. I love my natural tresses. I wasn’t always natural, but when I started this journey I began to appreciate and love what I was born with.’


Melody SmithThanks for sharing sis. Beautiful, I looooove these hairstyles my goodness , stunning On my wedding day I want to wear my natural hair without a doubt. I really don’t like wigs and weaves so much) . I want to represent my natural beauty on my wedding day , it’s my special day ☺️. I don’t want to wear another person’s hair (wigs and weaves) on my wedding day like I’m representing another woman’s beauty on my wedding day instead of representing my true authentic beauty. Thanks for sharing once again

J Comm(It’s better just to write “Hair” in English or it sounds weird, ie. your account name. “Hairs” refers more to individual strands of hair, usually detached from the body! Example: “I found some hairs in the sink”) Great styles though

Amarachi MonicaVery lovely, please this that a crochet, how did you achieve that look. Can you please do a tutorial


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