Wife’s Epic Prank On Swimming Husband Is Giving Some Serious Ideas – Video

We like to think that we can feel relaxed around those we love. Be it a favor they’re doing or a gift they’re giving us, we feel secure in knowing that it’s genuine. Most of the time, anyway. One prankster of a wife got her husband so good with a gag gift she got him, and caught the results on camera for us to enjoy.

As fall approaches, people are hoping to get their last few moments of summer fun in.And while they hope to do this in peace, there are a few tricksters in the world looking to toss a wrench into their plans. Not a malicious wrench, but a silly one. That’s what happened when one woman on TikTok decided to prank her husband when he went for a swim.

She posted a video of the prank to the account she shares with her husband, @mr_mrs_walsh, and it took off. Sitting at almost 30 million views and just over 4 million likes, people were a huge fan of what she did. The video begins with Mrs. Walsh filming Mr. Walsh approaching their backyard pool while ‘Into The Thick Of It!’ from The Backyardigans plays in the background. Mrs. Walsh makes the audience privy to the prank right away.

There’s a block of on-screen text that reads, “When your husband doesn’t know you got him Dissolvable swimming trunks.” She asks him how the water is as he takes his first steps in, to which he says it’s h-ot. He then fully submerges himself and makes way to the center of the pool.

He realizes quickly that something is very wrong. His face falls, and he starts to look panicked, making a few surprised sounds. “It’s sp-lit,” he says, before continuing to feel the shorts fall apart. Mrs. Walsh immediately starts laughing as she approaches him, making his predicament all the more clear as he covers between his legs with his hands. He seems stuck, debating what to do from here.



He keeps looking around, noting to his wife that their kids are outside, so he presumably doesn’t want to leave the pool while completely without clothes.

Still, his wife encourages him to make a br-eak for it, which he does when the timing is right. Though censored, you can see the only piece left of the shorts is the drawstring that’s still around his waist.

People loved this prank, and found Mr. Walsh’s reaction to be hilarious. “I love how he couldn’t think of nothing but being respectful to the kids,” writes one comment, “this was funny as h-ell.” Another adds, “Not even 15 seconds omg!!! He was shocked.” “Lmao he said ‘it s-plit’ no sir IT DISSOLVED,” said a third.

Many agreed that this prank was a slam dunk. As one commenter put it, “This is how you do this prank, in the comfort of your own back yard and NOT at a public place.” A hilarious product used in the most perfect of ways to give everyone involved a laugh, kudos to prank master Mrs.



Tami She should’ve handed him another pair of dissolving shorts. You know what would have been funny? Dissolving shorts, and he can dry himself with a dissolving towel. Man I’ve been a fan for a long time and this might be the best prank either of yall have done lma0

Jonathan I couldn’t stop laughing. Damn this was a good one. This was the best prank i watched in days and lmao his reaction to when he noticed that his shorts were ripping apart hahahaa lmao.

Andrew I have to give you credit Mrs. wash that was freaking hilarious It looked like you were having the time of your life pranking. This is the best yet!!! I can’t stop laughing!!

ChristianI can’t believe Mrs. walsh did this to poor Mr. walsh. I have to admit it’s pretty unique, Mr. walsh was not having it. Watch out Mrs. walsh he’s going to get you.

PaulHands down, the absolute BEST prank yet! Brah, she has you beat hard!!! Hilarious!. I just enjoy watching you two never stop making us content

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