Steve Harvey Doesn’t Think Michael B. Jordan Is Desirable Man Alive: “I Ain’t Seen Nothing Desirable Yet”

Lori harvey is easily one of the most admired women in the game. The social media hot-tie has had her pick how some of hip-hop and hollywood’s leading men. Eventually, she decided on 2020’s “sex-iest man alive,” according to people magazine, creed star michael b jordan. The pair have been goals all over social media, with everyone singing their praises and admiring their love.

However, one person not entirely impressed by jordan is lori’s adopted father, steve harvey. Although harvey has admitted this is the first time she’s been happy, he’s not quite completely impressed with the physical. His credentials for her ideal man are more profound than a ‘sexi-est man alive’ list, and he recently opened up on what defined the right guy for his daughter.

Michael b jordan and lori harvey went public with their relationship in january of this year. With it, they drew a lot of attention as people began to compare jordan to some of lori’s famous ex’s from diddy to future, justin combs, and more. Future famously called jordan a dummy and insinuated that his ex would be back, but to date, it appears lori and her “black panther” boo are going strong. Jordan goes above and beyond for his lady; case in point, valentine’s day this year, where they took social media by storm with a handful of images of them celebrating their love at a beautiful aquarium dinner.

Lori has described her man as “so sweet” and “very attentive.” “he listens to me and the things that I say that I want, and he really makes an effort.” she said that “valentine’s day, birthdays, all that!” but goes on to emphasize, “it’s the little things, the everyday things that I think really is what makes him special like he just listens to me when I talk.” while discussing his status as the desirable man alive, jordan told people, “it’s a cool feeling.” steve harvey was asked how he felt about his step-daughter dating jordan. He discusses how initially he was off-put by jordan, considering lori’s track record of guys.

He went on to express that once he got to know him, he realized jordan was genuine.

He says that lori and michael’s mothers are close, which helped reassure him as well since his wife, majorie, was able to vouch for him. Harvey also was really understanding of how hollywood relationships can work and feels that lori and jordan are doing really well by those standards.

Harvey told people, “he’s…I mean…like…it threw me off at first because he was so kind. You know, I figure, ‘ok, this is the game, right?’ but it wasn’t, man, this dude was sincere, and he’s proven to be a really, really good, good guy. I’m pulling for him, you know, for them.” when asked about him being ranked the “sexiest man alive,” harvey said, “he’s not the desirable man alive to me, at all. I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen anything so beautiful yet.” he went on to say, “but I’m a father. I don’t give a damn if you [are] cute. I just want somebody to treat my princess the way I treat her.”


TamaraHe sounds like he is finally happy with her choice. That’s good! I think Lori secretly wanted Daddy’s approval.

Having a blessing from parents is nice. Compare this to when they asked her dad about his opinion on Future LOL he wouldn’t even acknowledge him.

MarlaJust be happy Steve your daughter got someone who’s treating her with respect and that you finally approve of. After I went back and read the article. I still think his comment is just shows cool relationship between him and Michael B. Jordan.

Katherine You are a man. Most men probably don’t see SEXY when they look at another man. Lol but i guess he is just being a dad. This is normal behavior

Renee Robin I heard Steve on the Steve Harvey morning show and he said he likes the young man He is fine with the relationship, if you all followed Steve u wouldn’t believe. he is a good man. he might be concerned about Steve Harley. god bless him and his family.

David I met Michael b Jordan a few times when I used to live in la and we’d play pickup basketball at ucla. One of the nicest and classiest people you’ll meet. but i guess we all know how dads are.

Jessica Ava I hope Michael never changes his public appearances. He’s a breath of fresh air. Love it! I loved him so much in Creed. I’m glad he finally has the recognition he deserves.


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