10 Realistic Pictures About the Difficulties Every Girl Deals With

If your life is full of surprises and is always challenging you, the best thing you can do is face the situation and just laugh at it. And an artist from Belgium who draws funny pictures does exactly that. In her pictures, you might just recognize yourself and have a much needed laugh at the moments we have every day that seem absolutely unsolvable.

We love humor in all of its forms, especially if it describes our everyday lives.












Rowe Hahaha… Tick almost all of it. I should try harder

Natalie Simpson Yep I wouldn’t mind but I can barely shut my b-ra draw.. I still won’t throw them out cause I like them. I just can’t wear half of them for more than 10 minutes

Irene So true it touches my heart.

I can’t help the calorie intake… extremely tempting

Amy I see myself in a few of these lol

Tia Guess i am the only one that buy comfortable things?

Vanessa the eyelashes, they are exactly like my husband that’s why I tried the fake eyelashes coz mascara just won’t do

Celeste The calorie intake, the celphone, the b-ra hahaha so Me

Source: th3chanel.com

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