Jeannie Mai Expecting 1st Child With Husband, Jeezy After Divorcing Ex-Husband Cause She Didn’t Want Kids – Video

Jeannie Mai spent her first few years on The Real being very specific on the type of woman she was and the things she wanted. During her first marriage to Freddy Harteis, she clearly did not intend to become a mom and had no interest in growing their family. Freddy and Jeannie did eventually split due to this, with him moving on to a new woman and finally having kids.

Jeannie recently married Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy and has embarked on a number of “firsts” with her new love. The newlyweds tied the knot in an intimate ceremony during quarantine last year. Jeannie and her The Real co-hosts have finally returned to live tappings, and she took the opportunity to let fans in on a big secret. Jeannie and Jeezy are expecting a child together. Jeannie’s first, Jeezy’s third.

Speaking to her girls, Jeannie recalls the days she was anti-mom and realizes now that there was a lot more to her not wanting kids back then than she understood.

She and Adrienne laughed and recalled the times they would argue backstage about Jeannie being a good mother. Jeannie remembers being afraid that she would mess a kid up.

She also thanks to the show for being so instrumental in her growth and evolution and her co-hosts for always giving her grace and support. She admits to never feeling safe before and admits that her new husband offers her a sense of security she never had before. Her co-host showered her with gifts, even calling the new addition their “fifth” host.



Alexis I am happy for them!! I pray Adrienne is blessed with a baby because she has talked about her issues before and how much she wants a baby I can sadly relate.

Carrie Moore I’m so happy for Jeannie. Her saying she never felt safe in life really was a shock to me.

What happen to Jeannie when she was younger really had an impact on her. I’m so happy that she has someone like jeezy. I can’t wait for munchkin to be blessed with her miracle baby. Don’t give up Adrienne. You will be blessed with your miracle baby. I just know it.

Dacia DrummondShe is so wise and this happened perfectly when it was supposed to with whom it was supposed to. She looks absolutely amazing and she takes great care of herself, so that’s great when carrying. God blesses you

Joan WatsonJeannie deserves all the happiness the world has to offer, she is so selfless. All the best to her hubby, her family and the real FAM. Love you Jeannie. so happy for the Jenkins family. This baby is truly a blessing. Pregnancy looks good on Jeannie

Gary Nguyen I think the special thing about this, is not only the pregnancy, but it’s even more special to see Jeannie’s growth as a woman. Telling everybody that she never wants kids and etc. Jeezy made her believe that she can do it and that they can do it TOGETHER. Jeezy truly is Jeannie’s soul mate.




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