16 Photos You Have To Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On

Our lives are full of surprises that we can’t simply be prepared for. If you think that nothing can amaze you anymore, take a look at these weird pictures that will be sure to make you exclaim, “What’s going on?”

1. A dog that’s also a dragon


2. Why is it so angry?


3. Too narrow


4. How is this possible?


5. Creepy


6. All sizes can be found here.


7. This cat just saw his owner.


8. Are you okay?


9. When you’re really lost:


10. Evil magician


11. A great sense of humor


12. We’re looking forward to Cars 4.


13. Carved pearls


14. “Was not expecting to find a cow in my swimming pool.”


15. When you’re in a hurry and have no time to explain.


16. Models cleaning the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine


Robert When you take your duck for regular walks on concrete, he needs boots. Just common sense. The pups’ boots are on order. I swear I will never be able to unsee these images.

Chloe The banana was cut to fit the wall—the wall wasn’t built around the banana. and after seeing these pics i was like i have brain but doesn’t know how to use and what it’s functionality

JasonThose cats had me laughing so hard that my cat had to come over and sit in my lap. i love Magician Cat. Did anybody notice the more face behind it?

Hayden Tan she actually was rolling her stomach. You know at first i thought the woman was rolling her belly but it was dough but the dough is actually connected to her stomach funny adorable women.

Elizabeth Sylvan The cat be like: is that you hooman ?




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