Rapper Bow Wow Claims The 1-Year-Old Son He’s Been Fathering Is Not His Child

Shad Moss might have a Maury episode in his future. The rapper/actor famously known as Bow Wow reportedly fathered a son sometime last year and took to social media to celebrate the baby. But, unfortunately, mother Olivia Sky and Bow Wow were at odds at the time, so much so that she named the baby without him.

Bow Wow alluded to some drama between him and Olivia, which was covered in his series Growing Up H-ip-Hop. “My son is here, and y’all get a chance to live that moment with me. I am not giving to nobody else but on my show, so y’all get a chance to check that out.” Well, it turns out the baby, Stone Moss, might not be his child after all. While fielding questions from fans on Twitter, Bow Wow seems to deny that the boy is his, quoting a fan with lyrics from the song “Billie Jean.”

When asked if he wants more children, he told a fan, “H*ll no, I’m fine w Skai.” When fans questioned, “Don’t you have a son,” he responded, “NP Billie Jean for the 2nd time.” On “Billie Jean.” For those of you unfamiliar with Billie Jean, Michael Jackson famously sang about a woman claiming he fathered her child.

“But the kid was not my son,” he sings on the hook.

Fans continued to press the rapper on his son. Another asked where is Baby Wizzle in which Bow Wow responded, “Shai is on set.” The user then responded, “no. the other baby fam.” Bow Wow replied, ‘Huh.’ The rapper also claimed his biggest accomplishment is being a father to his daughter, Shai.


Pearson Aborigine I don’t know how truthful this article is but on the show Growing up H-ip Hop he took a DNA when the little boy was a baby

Margaret Tiny Clark I don’t believe this crap. People with money most always get a DNA he just can’t find a reason to be in the news media these days.

Mari Williams If you’re going to father the child then father of the child. There’s no need to announce this information to the public.

Cecilia Garcia I think it should be mandatory for a man to take a DNA as soon as the baby is born because these females be having babies and men raise them to find out it’s not his and it br-eaks a man’s heart into pieces

Lorece JohnsonThat has been know to happen. I have seen fathers and his family stay bonded to the child in spite of. May God bless them all

Nicole Mcdaniel He is just arguing with the mom and trying to start some shit. He took a DNA test on the show and it come back the baby was his. This isn’t a good look for anyone to be playing these type of games about a baby.

Source: world5news.com

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