‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Gets 17 Years In Pri-son For Ppp Loan Fraud Case – Video

The “Love & Hi-p Hop: Atlanta” star was sentenced to 17.5 years for his role in a PPP loan fra-ud case, TMZ reports. Fayne was living it up, according to pro-secutors, and defra-uded the system to the tune of $3.7 million after applying for a PPP loan for his business, citing losses due to COV-19. According to the outlet, Fayne funded a lavish lifestyle and claimed that he employed 107 people in his trucking business with a monthly payroll of $1,490,200.

But that wasn’t the case and Fayne cut a deal and pleaded guilty to 6 counts, including bank and wire fra-ud, reports.

In return pro-secutors dropped 14 other charges. Still even though he faced a 30-year-sentence he ultimately ended up with a whopping 17.5 years. Fayne reportedly also used $40k to pay past-due child support, “$85k for jewelry, $136k for a Rolls-Royce, and $907k to start a new business in Arkansas.” And he still has to pay back $4,465,865.55 when he is finally released. In May 2020, Fayne was charged with federal bank fra-ud, according to The U.S. Department of Justice. The Love & Hi-p Hop: Atlanta star pled guilty to the charges he was facing.

Fayne was ordered to forfeit nearly $100,000 from several of his bank accounts and also eight of his 2015 Kenworth T680 trucks.

For his guilty plea, the pro-secution agreed to drop 14 other charges and they agreed to recommend that Fayne gets a 151-month lock-up sentence, which comes out to about 12.5 years. But the judge in the case added five more years to his sentence! He was looking at the possibility of serving a maximum term of up to 30 years .The loan that he obtained was in the name of Flame Trucking. Fayne, 37, is from Dacula, Georgia.


Jacquise Purifoy Beverly Hills housewife took out a 1.8 million ppp loan and she facing 2yrs probation. When we get the Wrong people OUT OF OFFICE we’ll see change. No more Popeyes lines and hair store lines, GET IN LINE AND LETS GET THEM OUTTTTT

Tonia 17 years is very excessive. I was an intern with federal government investigating white collar offence and “they” never get this much time, ever!

Gina While he should be punished that is a severe sentence.

Insurrectionists aren’t even getting that much time and they attempted a coupe of the federal government!

Jennie He deserved time, but 17 years is a little much…like others are saying, these white politicians who commit offense get off or these hedge fund managers and financiers are defra-uding people but they get little or no time. Sick of hearing about how “great” this corrupt place is.

Source: blackenterprise.com

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