5 Reasons Why Going Brxless Is Good for You – Video

Bras have existed since ancient Greece. Today almost every woman wears one and they are believed to provide various benefits to the wearer. So, it might come as a surprise to know that ditching them is more beneficial than previously thought. We always care about your overall well-being, so we came up with a definitive list of the benefits of ditching your b-r-a.

1. Your blo-od circulation will improve.

We want our clothes to be comfortable, but our bras to be tightly fitted. And if you think about this, bras are just tight pieces of clothing that squeeze our bust tissue. All that tightness and squeezing can compress the bl-ood vessels and impede bloo-d circulation, just like any other piece of tight clothing. Going braless will obviously cause the b-lood to flow freely, giving you healthier looking bust and improving the overall b-lood flow in the bo-dy.

2. You will get better sleep.

It’s a common practice to wear a b-r-a at night while sleeping. But this habit is unhealthy. It wreaks havoc by impacting your circadian rhythms, as shown in a study. So ditch while going to bed and you are sure to have a more sound sleep experience.

3. You might gain a cup size.

We often use push-up bras when we’re trying to look buxom. But the easiest way to get fuller bust and visible separation is by ditching our bras completely. This is because when the bre-asts hang naturally, it forces the pectoral muscles to work against gravity. So, although the bre-asts won’t actually grow, the firmed-up muscles will make your chest appear fuller.

4. Your brea-sts will get stronger and perkier.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of Besançon University spent 15 years studying women’s anatomy. According to his findings, after a year of not wearing the bosoms of b-ra wearers sag an average of 7mm more than those who don’t wear a b-ra. Similar results were also found in Japanese studies.

5. Your overall bre-ast health will improve.

Ditching the b-ra can also help improve the health of your skin and muscles as blo-od flow improves, muscle tone tightens, and sweat and dirt no longer stay trapped near the skin under the b-ra materials that don’t breathe. Wearing regularly can also lead to the discoloration of your skin or result in an uneven skin tone. The appearance of dark-colored spots on your skin are also possible.


Chloe  – Love this! I stopped wearing a b-ra almost a year ago and I couldn’t be happier about it! My chest feels sooo comfortable and I feel more comfortable about the idea of not wearing something that blocks my circulation. I used to wear all the time, even during sleep so it’s a massive change for me. I still us
like a really thin sport b-ra because not wearing anything at all can make feel a bit uncomfortable (depending on the type of top) and I now I would never go back to wearing

NancyMy mother made me wear a brx. When I had my own choice I stopped wearing one. I did wear one while pregnant and nursing. I’ve done it since the early 70s. Some people are offended by it and other make you feel uncomfortable. They’re mind is in the wrong place. Accept and Love what God gave you. I do believe it is a healthier choice

SophiaI kind figured that was case, I don’t think I can find brxAhhh I see toes! Don’t wear revealing shoes! Love it! Good points sista!

Alluium I decided to go braless for a lot of my time. Hanging out with you was a big inspiring influence to helping me make this into reality (even though it was never discussed). Thank you.

Bruce 1st tym I went braless in public it was fascinating .so encouraging at hom am mostly topless now I feel beautiful to keep them open I go to the balcony evenits exciting sweet fabulous .fondling being braless is most magical modern fashion statement lovely

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