Rick Ross Rejects Spending Money On Lavish Sweet 16 Party, Gifts 16-Yr-Old Son His Own ‘Wing Stop’ Franchise – Video

Rapper Rick Ross has been busy these last few weeks trying to pa-ss on the knowledge and securing his driver’s license for the first time at 45. The “Boss” has always been know for his entrepreneurial spirit and is making sure to pa-ss that very same spirit down to his kids. In recent weeks, Ross has been heavy on the promo trail for his book “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire.” While promoting it, he’s open up about the different things he believes have made him successful and how he wants to help others do the same.

One of Rick Ross’s most successful business ventures has been Wing Stop. The franchise is a h-it around the country and making him tons of money. He famously did a commercial for the company announcing the addition of thighs to the menu when there was a national chicken wing shortage. But, like a true boss, he also took the opportunity to show off his many cars as well. According to the biggest boss, he owns over 100 vehicles.

In the spirit of passing on the wealth, Ross is celebrating his son’s 16th birthday but gifting the teen his very own Wing Stop location. In an Instagram post, he said, “Everyone wish my son @mmgbigbank HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY !!! Today he became the owner of his 1st @wingstop franchise. Your now officially a BOSS!!! Keep Going.” He also commented under his son’s post, saying, “William, I’m extremely proud of you, my son.” With this kind of gift, who needs a sweet 16!?


Jocelyn That’s right Rick Ross show your baby boy what a real boss does all that material sh!! go aside but the business can grow with proper guidance HBD!! young man!!!

Darryl G. Wilson He invested in his son by giving him an appreciating asset.

Something that will grow his financial future. Not spend senselessly on a temporary moment that’ll be over and done with in a few hours. This is what we should be teaching our youth and stop training them to be professional consumers.

Tay White folks do it all the time keep the wealth going good for him

Bella Rosa Create generational wealth! Not spoiled & entitled brats. The world will thank you!

Lashonda Now he can buy what he want he showed him how to invest and keep money coming salute

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