8 Signs Your Man Is Giving Up On Your Relationship

You never want to be blindsided by a separation in your relationship. If your man is slowly giving up on you, you always want to be sure that you are aware of it. If you are staying on top of things, then you have a chance to make things right in your relationship. Or at the very least, you are able to brace yourself for the emotional impact of an impending separation.

1. He becomes emotionally unavailable to you

He doesn’t make you feel safe to express yourself to him anymore. In the past, he always used to be a receptacle for your feelings and emotions – whether positive or negative. He always allowed you to open up to him in whatever way you wanted. But nowadays, he is emotionally unavailable to you. He no longer makes you feel like he’s invested in your feelings and so you feel unsafe to talk to him about them. You get the sense that he is no longer a willing listener.

2. He stops putting in the effort to try to make you happy

He’s no longer invested in making an effort for your relationship. You both know that it takes a great deal of effort, dedication, and commitment to make your relationship work. But lately, he’s been very uninterested. He has seemed cold and distant. It’s as if he doesn’t really have a stake in this relationship anymore. He might still be physically present; but emotionally, he has already checked out and you’re carrying this relationship on your own.

3. He criticizes you just to hurt your feelings

There should always be room for proper reproval in a relationship. Couples should always feel free to be honest with one another so as long as it comes from a place of love and care. But you get the sense that there is no love and care in his reproval for you. It’s all about him just stab your feelings and making you feel like less of a person than you actually are. He’s doing it to br-eak your heart and turn you off to the idea of liking him.

4. He stops telling you that he loves you

You definitely know that something is wrong if your man has stopped telling you that he loves you. When two people are in love, they should never run out of ways to express their love and affection for one another. But the very fact that he isn’t invested in letting his feelings be known to you at this point may be proof that he no longer has those feelings.

5. He spends less and less time with you

You should probably know by now that time is only ever really spent on he people and things that are important to us.

We never want to be wasting our time on the people and things that don’t matter much. And that’s why you should take a hint: if he’s spending less time with you, it’s because he doesn’t value as much now as he used to back then. You are slowly becoming less and less of a priority. And it’s all because he’s not interested in being with you anymore.

6. He no longer opens up to you about his life

He doesn’t seem interested in opening up to you anymore. He doesn’t want to be making it seem like he wants to be revealing close aspects of his life to you. It can range from trivial things like what he does during the day or to more serious stuff like what he feels about you and the relationship. You want him to open up to you; but you just can’t seem to be getting anything out of him.

7. He does things that he knows upsets you

It’s as if he’s trying to get you to hate him. It’s almost like he’s really working hard to get you to be miffed at him. He wants you to resent him. He is always trying to make you upset. Why? Because maybe, it’s how he feels about you. He’s trying to get you to hate him so that it’s a softer blow for when he actually does br-eak up with you. He is no longer interested in impressing you; in fact, he’s more interested in the opposite.

8. He asks for so much space and privacy

It’s always okay to ask for occasional space and privacy in a relationship. Even couples who have very strong, happy, and healthy relationships will require some space and boundaries. That’s very normal. You both still have to be able to maintain a sense of individuality and independence even if you’re in a relationship. But if he’s asking for space and privacy to the point that he’s really shutting you out of his life, then you know that something’s wrong.


Rod If being with a certain person makes you feel like you’ve lost yourself, that’s all you need to know that it’s over.

Faith I notice this can be applied to any relationship not just a romantic one. I have had all five of these signs with an extended family member and this video was very relatable in regards to that particular relationship. Thank you for sharing this information!

Hanna Rodrigez Honestly I thought my boyfriend and I were over soon but while watching this video I realized I overreacted over a small discussion. Relationships are hard work but sometimes the work is worth it.

Brian Yator Never had someone point out my exact problems. For a second, I thought I was going crazy, especially it being my first attempt at a serious relationship. Thank you for this one Madam! Ending it it is.

carolRemember, the next time you get in a relationship, you deserve someone who brings out the best in you.

Brad Carver – My long-distance relationship definitely had its ups and downs. There were times that we lived on separate continents and battled significant differences in time zones. There were times that we questioned our future together, not knowing how we’d ever be able to live in the same place. But throughout it all, we worked really hard to keep our relationship growing in the right direction and it worked really well.

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