9 Daily Habits Of Happy Couples

For those of us wondering whether our relationships have the “oomph” it takes to last, it’s important to consider some of the daily habits of happy couples. There are certain things that might seem obvious for a relationship’s success including a mutual attraction to one another, and if you both share the same core values.

However, there are many habits that the most happy couples do each day that help make their partnership so strong.

1. Combine Daily Rituals

Everyone has a daily routine of sorts. Even if you’re a super spontaneous person who’s a freelancer and doesn’t keep a schedule, you still have some daily rituals. You brush your teeth every day, right? Or you put on your night cream before bed. Happy couples often have daily rituals that they do together. Making coffee in the morning in your underwear, showering together, cooking dinners over a glass of wine  all these are daily rituals that bring you closer together.

2. Sharing Tasks You Hate

We don’t mean you should dump things you hate onto each other, in fact we mean the opposite. Just do things you hate together. For example, you both hate shopping or doing laundry, or perhaps you just absolutely despise going to the dentist. Schedule that chore on the same day, so that you can both be grumpy and on the same page. Hating the same thing also brings people closer, but also, chances are if you do it together it’ll be less awful and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even be able to laugh about it.

3. Limit Technology

We all work on laptops, constantly scroll on our phones and listen to music or watch TV-shows. Happy couples make sure to turn off their gadgets when they are having quality time. Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and just find some time to talk to your partner.

Talk about your hopes and dreams, unrealistic scenarios, and hypotheticals, there’s always something to learn about the other person. But don’t just talk at them, listen to them, pay attention.

4. Engage With Each Other’s Interests –

Perhaps your partner likes video games and you don’t get it. Well, try engaging with it, learn more about their interest, ask them what they like in particular, and give it a chance. After all, you love that person, you like who they are and what they do, and they have a particular interest. Perhaps if you see their perspective you’ll also get it.

5. Hug and Cuddle Every Day

Happy couples dedicate 5-10 minutes every morning or evening to just hugging each other or holding each other in bed.

This close physical touch literally gives you happy hormones and it’s nice to set aside time for that. Quick hugs here and there are good too, but they can’t compare to dedicated cuddle-time.

6. Try To Outdo Each Other With Kindness

You know how sometimes you get annoyed that your partner forgot to do a chore and out of spite decide you won’t do your chore either? Well, happy couples think differently. Instead, they just do the chore themselves, and then when their partner notices they think “oh, they took out the trash and it’s my job, I’ll fold their laundry for them”. It’s a whole different ball game. You should try it.

7. They Laugh Together

I know, I know some people just aren’t funny. I’ve definitely dated people that it’s difficult to even get a slight rise out of them, let alone a full-blown laugh every day.

The point here is that any good and long-lasting relationship shouldn’t be super serious at every moment. In fact, according to a study out of the journal Personal Relationships, laughing with a romantic partner keeps the feelings of love going between the two. There you have it: Not only is laughing good for you, it makes your relationship good as well.

8. They Compliment Each Other

I love getting compliments from a significant other. It makes me feel downright amazing. I once had a boyfriend who told me I looked beautiful even when I’d show up to his house straight from the gym, or with a stomach flu and wearing sweatpants. Likewise, I’d compliment him often.

9. They Apologize When Necessary

The happiest couples know when to say sorry, and how to say it to show they really mean it. According to Laurie Puhn, author of Fi-ght Less, Love More in an article for Fox News, explaining the reason you’re sorry shows that you understand the issue at hand and why your partner feels hurt.

Puhn said using the word “because” after “I’m sorry” makes quite a difference, and for happy couples is supplemented by an explanation of what you will do to prevent the wrongdoing from happening again.


Anna It’s crazy how different being in a healthy relationship does to you. I was in a toxic one before. Bro now I am in such a healthy relationship that we don’t argue because we talk. Arguing and talking are two completely different things. Lmao it’s just so crazy how my partner actually wants to know how I feel and what my love language is so she can treat me better. I am so attracted to my partner physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. She’s even got me here wanting to fix my family problems too! Don’t settle for less you all, because there is someone better.

Bailey loose – Me and my partner have been together for 11 months, we ended high school together, and we have both been very close but not clingy with one another. He lets himself be vulnerable with me, something that he finds pretty hard to do, same with me, but we have both promised each other to never hide things from each other if it’s hurting us. He also is just my anchor at the worst of times when my anxiety gets out of hand, he reassures me that mistakes are normal.

We hope this relationship lasts

Bella this has just confirmed to me that my boyfriend and i have a very healthy relationship 1 year in. i see our future together too. He is a gem, and i often feel undeserving of his goodness. i love you Johnny

Nena Lavonne My partner and I do almost all of these! It takes humility and work though. One thing I could do better is to handle disagreements in a calm manner and non-attacking manner. Its something I’ve grown up doing with my family but I realize it’s not good.

Martina Delvai I feel very lucky. We have worked on all of those things with my guy and it does truly end up in a wonderful partnership. It definitely takes both people wanting and willing to work on it, and once you both do, things only get more and more lovely.

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