Pop Smoke’s New York Gravesite Reportedly Vandalized – Video

It appears Pop Smoke’s Brooklyn gravesite has become a offence scene. As shown in photos obtained by TMZ, the rapper’s crypt at New York City’s Green-Wood boneyard was found completely demolish this weekend. The images include close-ups of the Pop Smoke’s bro-ken marble plaque engraved with his full, birth-given name, Bashar Barakah Jackson.

The other plaques on the outer wall of the mausoleum were seemingly untouched, suggesting the vandalism was targeted.

A witness told TMZ they discovered the destruction early Saturday, and immediately alerted security. The outlet points out that there were also drag marks outside Pop Smoke’s crypt, indicating the vandals may have pulled something out of the tomb. Additional photos highlight a “door-looking” object next to the site, which is believed to be the concrete slab that was placed over the rapper’s casket.

Witnesses said they returned to the site hours later, and saw Pop Smoke’s plaque had been replaced with a blank one, and was blocked off by caution tape. There’s no word on the condition of Pop Smoke’s casket, and whether po-lice have launched an investigation.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available. Pop Smoke was terminate in what was said to be a home-invasion thievery. Four suspects have since been charged in connection to the slaying.


Lawrence YoungDon’t worry. The departed Don’t worry. The departed rest just fine. That soul is NOT in that shell or casket. However, the ones who are NOT resting are the ones who did this. They are obviously being haunted by the memory of him. They are obsessed or possessed with Pop Smoke. They are being tormented which is why they would even do something like this. They are in their own personal hell. I’m praying for the family and those who did this.

Karen Jones He is resting in peace. Nothing they do at this point will ever affect him. They may cause his family more hurt by their disrespect, but he can’t feel the hurt or love the world has for him because he is no longer here.

Their cruelty represents their own misery and bro-kenness.

Lashonda This is absolutely insane. Not only did they vandalize the site TMZ is reporting that it looks like they tried to drag the casket out.

DorothyVery sad and I think it has a lot to do with 50 cent comment on Micheal K Willisms. Which makes it even more disturbing

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