Storm The Bermuda Triangle: 40 Thousand Vow To Descend On Mysterious Sea Zone Because ‘It Can’t Swallow Us All’

Pick a widely-known conspiracy theory, start a really popular Social media group and create hilarious memes about an absurd, and potentially mission to the unknown. Voila! Internet fame. And, let’s face it, we’ve been enjoying every minute. After millions of people pledged to ‘storm’ the highly classified US Air Facility, Area 51, to finally ‘see them aliens’, others are ‘organising’ a bonkers one-way mission to the Bermuda Triangle.

As one person eagerly suggested on Social media, ‘if we don’t find the aliens at Area 51 they’re bound to be in The Bermuda Triangle’. The Bermuda Triangle is, of course, that curious section of the North Atlantic Ocean where ships, planes, and people are said to go missing without a trace. It has taken more than 1,000 lives over the past century and no one really knows why.

Yep, this could be the mother of all bad ideas. And yet, the ‘Storm Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All of Us’ Social media page is currently enticing thousands of supporters.

All are helping to ‘strategise’ how to find ‘the lost pilots and the hidden islands in the mysterious triangle’ and ‘clap sea mo-nster cheeks’. If they do ‘clap sea mon-ster cheeks’ we really hope they don’t live stream it like the Area 51 storm.

Those who ‘survive’ the Area 51 alien mission come September 2o will need to don a wetsuit for the very very, very deep dive scheduled for October.


Julietteplot twist: The Bermuda Triangle was actaully rlly nice and enjoyable so nobody ever came back!

LUVLYGABZwhat they need to do is start having robots or dummies fly “practice” planes with nobody on it and go test it out

Michael BoydI’m surprised no one has flew a drone into there with a camera you can still get footage from even if broke down)


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