[Watch] Trick Daddy On ‘d-rink Champs’ Discuss Controversial S-x-ual Preference

Trick Daddy has disgusted the internet by reminding us of his preferences. The Love & H-i-p Hop: Miami star revealed years back that he enjoys getting his salad tossed during close moments and revisited this topic during a visit to Revolt TV’s Drink Champs. In a teaser for his upcoming interview, the “I’m A Th-ug” rapper got candid when asked if the “Eat a B-ooty Gang” was still in full effect.

Trick Daddy replied by saying he was trying to get more women to support giving men’s rear-end some TLC. He then blurted out “I get ate out!”

Intrigued by this statement, NORE asked if he has his legs in the air while being pleasured and he said “It depends!” NORE and DJ EFN erupted in laughter. The full Drink Champs interview with Trick Daddy will be available on Thursday, September 2. Trick Daddy began trending on Twitter due to the clip. When curious social media users wanted to know why he was a trending topic, many of them regretted finding out.

After Trick started trending, folks began chatting about the interview singer Tank did where he revealed that was also a member of the “Eat a B-oo-ty Gang.” Tank then chimed in on the fun via social media and sang a tune about letting women munch on him.

“I was just minding my business and then I’m getting dragged into @trickdaddydollars business!” he wrote on Instagram. “FYI that man ain’t wrong for enjoying pleasures from his woman.. My new single feat @trickdaddydollars ‘Let That Woman Eat’ coming soon! R&B MONEY!”


Cyraya SwanA lot of ignorance here. I respect him for being real. Most dudes be ash-amed to admit that they like different things in the bed-room. I’m not bout to do it but its his pleasure

Markesha MillerI’m more concerned about how unattractive he is and why anyone would even consider going down there to begin with. If you expecting someone to even think about eating your behind, you better be the worlds most handsome man alive and even then it would have to be a long hard decision, but at least you look like you taste good.

Manuel Delgado Someone call health inspection on his restaurant, if he is getting his salad toss. Hopefully he ain’t getting his salad toss in that restaurant of his.

Source: madamenoire.com

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