Rapper Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera Marriage Over, Couple Headed For Divorce – Video

An outlet claims they have confirmed the couple has not been together for almost a year.

A month ago, rumors began to circulate that Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have called it quits. The couple’s relationship has often made headlines for both their celebrations and mishaps, but the two have endured and persevered over the years.

They’ve been featured on shows like Growing Up H-ip Hop Atlanta, Love & H-ip Hop, and Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka.

However, the public began speculating about their marriage about a month ago when Waka gave Tammy a shoutout for her birthday. “With the whole world ahead of you and I don’t see life slowing down no time soon. Happy 35th luv,” the rapper wrote on Instagram “Be free Be Happy and live today to the fullest #happybirthdayTamBlam.”On Tuesday (September 7), The Neighborhood Talk claimed that it could exclusively report that the Malphurs are no longer together, however, they are still married.

The outlet stated that Waka and Tammy haven’t been together for almost a year, meaning that they have kept up appearances online to keep the pesky public out of their private life.

Neither Waka nor Tammy has confirmed the gossip for themselves, but until then, check out The Neighborhood Talk’s post below along with a few highlights from the Malphurs’ marriage.


PenseyIf this is true, it bre-aks my heart. Tammy is a supportive wife, lover and friend. She needs to be respected at all times. But, the word he lives in is called losses butty. He must always put his wife and daughter first. I will not be hard on him, because this man loves his wife. I will pray for them all and hope Tammy can give him one more chance to make it right. They can’t live without one another. Praying.

DorinerYou Cannot Beleive People they Need Money To Make A So Called Stories. if You Marry You Going To Have Some Problem. Them Two Is Together. they Been Having Problems Way Back And They Still Was Together.

PamieThat’s why you have to choose wisely who you mess wit and have kids with she always says she’s done but keeps going back so I really could care less she’s a joke

Dorothy It’s unfortunate but Flocka has a love for his step daughter that’s unnatural and in need of close scrutiny and supervision. He should be given the kind of love and attention to Tammy that he give to Tammy daughter Flocka should take steps back. Dapitts

Source: world5news.com

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